Fontes Refractories


FONTES REFRACTORIES manufactures shaped and unshaped refractory products for the primary aluminium, industry and the housing sectors using clay extracted from its own quarry.

The quality of this clay enables the company to specialise in the manufacture of refractory products for use in electrolytic cells within the primary aluminium sector (BRO HQB – High Quartz Brick).

FONTES REFRACTORIES supplies low alumina content (LAC) acid-resistant bricks and refractory bricks to industry

Clay quarried from the quarry at Vaudreuille is also used by FONTES REFRACTORIES to offer four colours of refractory bricks for the housing sector (chimneys, open hearth), bricks that meet food sector standards (barbecues, pizza ovens), unshaped refractory products (chamotte fireclay, grout, mortar) and different coloured clays.

FONTES REFRACTORIES also develops raw earth blocks specially designed for the eco-housing sector, along with a range of materials for decoration such as terracotta paving, flagstones and facing bricks.

Working alongside other subsidiaries in the SGI Group, FONTES REFRACTORIES is in a position to provide its customers with a comprehensive, high-tech service.